Салтыкова избавляется от воспоминаний о Сергее Бодрове-младшем
The singer decided to renovate the apartment where the shooting took place “Brother-2”.

Салтыкова избавляется от воспоминаний о Сергее Бодрове-младшем

Irina Saltykova

Photo: Instagram

Irina Saltykov said that it intends to proceed
repair of apartments where not changed anything since the filming of the famous painting by Alex
Balabanov, “Brother 2”. Recall that in this film, Irene played herself, and for
they used the interiors of her home.

“I want to announce that I have started to repair their rarity
apartment — shared the singer. — Who does not know, remind you, there were shot scenes for
the film Brother-2. Sorry to leave, but the time has come. Put photos on the memory, as

Fans of the star, which she showed the photo in his
microblogging, immediately launched into memories.

“Do you remember the bedroom, hall and kitchen”, “Remember the scenes from the episodes
with you, we did not look at what is happening in the frame, and repair”, “very
stylish!” — said members Saltykova.

By the way, not so long ago Irina frankly told him as Sergei Bodrov, Jr. persuaded her to take part in the legendary film. Saltykov told about this at the concert dedicated to the 15th anniversary of “Brother-2”

“Alexey Balabanov and Sergei Bodrov came to my house with a bottle of red wine, —
remembered Irina. — Bodrov immediately I said, “I thought you pathetic, and you
normal.” I started asking them why they chose this role
me. What I heard reply: “who else if not you? Of course, I was
unusual to kiss me with a strange guy, Sergei Bodrov, and even
camera. At first take, I very much did.”

Photo: Instagram