Мик Джаггер бросил беременную подругу ради модели из Таганрога According to journalists, the famous rocker have minimized communication with ballerina Melanie Hamrick, which will soon give him an heir. Jagger left her for a fashion model Maria Rudenko, who was born in the Rostov region. A source close to the singer confirmed that Mick and the model is very close.

      A number of media reports that the 73-year-old leader of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger had an affair with 31-year-old model Maria Rudenko from Russia, born in the Rostov region. Now she lives in Los Angeles. Rudenko is quite a popular model and starred in many foreign glossy magazines and famous brands.

      Mick Jagger, torn between the ballerina and model from Taganrog

      Rumor has it that for the sake of long-legged beauties Jagger left his previous passion – 29-year-old ballerina Melanie Hamrick, which met for about two years. A young woman is now in an interesting position. The heir to the rocker, and Melanie needs to be born very soon: judging by the photos of a pregnant Hamric, she is in her last months of pregnancy.

      A source close to Jagger, confirmed to the media that the Russian model are very close to the famous rocker. Rumors about the affair with Mick gave myself Rudenko. The model recently shared on his Instagram a photo of the Rolling Stones concert. Her she was dressed in a t-shirt with the famous band logo – the mouth with tongue hanging out. “Mr. Mick Jagger! It’s only rock ‘ n ‘ roll, but I love him!” – shared the girl. “Honey, you’re with your boyfriend,” commented the publication of one of her friends Rudenko. It should be noted that after some time, Mary has removed the signature and the reaction of her friend.

      Despite the fact that the frontman of the iconic group broke up with Henrik, he never ceases to care for the mother of the unborn child. According to the British journalists, Jagger bought ex-lover elegant home in new York. For housing for the ballerina, the artist laid out about six million dollars. Flanked by the leader of the Rolling Stones say that Mick wants Melanie to be comfortable. At the moment the singer goes on tour with his band, and he’s too busy, so while not visiting a pregnant friend. However, as soon as his successor will be born, Jagger will arrange a meeting with her.

      Maria Rudenko was born in Taganrog. It is one of the most famous Russian models abroad. By the way, in 2015, the model starred in the video for Stas Piekha song – “Inconsistent love”. The plot of the video artist falls in love with a young and charming hostesses in the performance of Rudenko.