Kira lit at the bachelorette party before the wedding

Кира Пластинина зажгла на девичнике перед свадьбой The designer is preparing to marry. A few days before the upcoming wedding of Kira Plastinina and her girlfriend organized the party. The girl said goodbye to the free life dressed as a teletubby.

      Designer Kira Plastinina is preparing to say goodbye to your free life. A few days later the girl gets married. At the weekend she and her friends had a party at the mansion, located on the Northern coast of California in SONOMA County. A small house has gathered a fun group of bridesmaids, who flew in for the occasion from other cities and countries.

      Special dress code at the party was not supposed to. Kira appeared in comfortable jeans and an oversized jumper. Some of her friends also chose a similar style in clothes. In microblogs all the Plastinina congratulations with the upcoming marriage, wishing happiness. Judging by the photos, which were divided by those present on the night girl, the main part of the event was held outside by the pool.

      In the midst of the festival girls dressed in costumes Teletubbies pink and danced. “The best bachelorette party”, signed fun mini-movie bride. Friend admired Kira and left warm words in its address. “I love this girl. It will be the most beautiful bride,” said Leslie, laying out the happy the guest of honor.

      About the groom Plastinina is almost unknown. A friend of the designer was declassified only his name: a young man named Trey. Also Kira keeps secret details of the upcoming wedding. However, the girl began to get ready for the upcoming celebration. Plastinina drank special shakes, to lose some weight before the big day.

      Within two years, Kira is living and studying in the United States, it is not surprising that her lover was a foreigner. As claimed Plastinina, she enrolled in Columbia universiity to better understand the structure of the fashion business. “For a designer is not enough just to understand how to create the collection. No less important in the detail to provide, how to construct all the business processes, how to develop your fashion house in which direction to move, how to organize the work of retail network and to create a successful promotion strategy,” said the girl.

      Apparently, the training was a success, as the Plastinina invited to teach a course at southern Methodist University. The designer said that she will lead classes about fashion.