Майкл Джексон и Принс враждовали между собой

The recent death of the Prince and of insinuations about crimes Michael Jackson became the reason for frequent appearance of their names in the contents pages of the tabloids. Publication the Mirror has gone further and stated that two famous artist at odds with each other, and Michael is supposedly even predicted a premature death of a colleague.

In edition appeared of record that were conducted during the work on the autobiography of Jackson’s “Moonwalker”. They Michael unflattering about the Prince, and expressed his indignation regarding the one that it is compared with the flamboyant colleague.
“I don’t want to be compared with the Prince. I am a completely different artist, and I consider such a comparison unfair. He very rudely behaves with others. This is one of the toughest people I know, he behaved inappropriately with my loved ones..
Prince sees me as the enemy, and I hope that he will change, because this guy is one of those people that used to go from a life or commit suicide.” — said Michael as if in water looked – 21 APR Prince died prematurely from an overdose of drugs. And when you consider the note found in the house of the musician about his intent to stop the pain forever, it is possible to suspect suicide. However, the seer Michael himself did not survive his opponent – 25 Jun 2009 he died from an overdose of propofol.

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