Чарли Шин продал дом за 5,4 миллиона долларов

Charlie sheen continues to get rid of his American property. He already said goodbye to dream to live peacefully in Mullholland Estates with their former wives and children in the neighborhood. If peacefully have failed, the infamous actor of the movie “Hot shots” decided to sell everything to hell and go to Mexico, where he won’t get neither the former spouse nor the fans nor the regulatory authorities. Publication of the Los Angeles Times reports that Charlie was able to sell his house in the Spanish style, which he once bought to the owner Detroit Pistons for $ 4.8 million, 5.4 million.

Who was the lucky winner of the house, not reported, we only know that the new owner has received a “beautiful house on the hill with home cinema, big kitchen, place for a bonfire, swimming pool, a SPA area, a tennis court and many other delights.
Earlier this year, the Tyres have already sold the house on the same street, literally next door. He has acquired over $ 7 million from producer Mike Medavoy in 2011 and until recently lived there his ex-wife Brooke Mueller and two sons-twins Max and Bob. By the way, last sale – the house where lived the ex-Charlie’s ex-wife Denise Richards and their two daughters Sam and Lola (and another adopted girl).
Will the star of the TV series “Two and a half men” to sell to a third home in Mulholland estates, or of his cunning plan to remove the ex-wives this will end, is still unknown. Recall that Shin has already expressed his desire to permanently move to Mexico, where he managed to buy a few houses, and if you believe his agent, in the near future it will happen.

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