Michael Fassbender takes a break from work

Майкл Фассбендер берет перерыв в работе

Active professional activity someone brings pleasure and joy, and someone is exhausting and tiring. In the case of Michael Fassbender you can talk about the second. The actor admitted that over the past few years are simply “exhausted” and now he needs time to recover strength and energy.

“That was an eventful time, — admitted Passenger in an interview with TimeOut. — I had a brutal appetite for roles and a lot of energy, and I clutched at everything like a maniac. But now I’m going pause. These five years I was a real workaholic, running from film to film.”

Michael’s words are not meaningless. Over the past few years, the actor managed to play a few parts of the franchise “X-Men”, the biopic of Steve jobs, the film adaptation of the game “assassin’s Creed” and many other films.

But, according to Fassbender, his co-star to a role he hasn’t gotten. When he will play a character that will elevate him to Olympus, Michael will think about is to leave the profession: “I’m not saying it will happen, but part of me thinks you should play until you’re the best. This is a particular way, and then comes the recession”.