Lena Dunham was at the center of a scandal because of his statements about abortion

Лена Данэм оказалась в центре скандала из-за своих высказываний об аборте

Actress and outspoken feminist Lena Dunham is famous for his sharp tongue and straightforwardness. She is always Frank with the public, whether it concerns its participation in the TV series “Girls” or my personal life. But the last time her revelations and ill-considered words caused a scandal, and now the artist is forced to apologize.

In the podcast “Women Of The Hour” Lena and I discussed a woman’s right to abortion. Together with the other participants who shared their experiences, Dunham told her story, stating his regret that never had an abortion.
“A few years ago I visited the Texas Center for family planning. There I was approached by a young girl and invited to take part in their project, to tell your experiences and emotions following the abortion.
“But I didn’t do it” — I said and began to explain that has never been through this, despite the fact that I support the right of choice of women. And then it dawned on me that when talking about abortion, I begin to feel shame and even guilt. Even I with my great desire to support women’s right to abortion, subconsciously wanted to let people know about my good record in this respect, that I do not have the stigma.. time Passed, and I still say that abortion, I never did, but sorry about that,” said Lena, apparently, she did not understand what I said.
Even devoted fans of Dunham began to blame her for the inappropriate statement, and haters, of which there are very many, and even received a new reason to cast stones in her garden.
Lena had to apologize to all who were hurt by her words.
“I would never disparage a strong emotional and physical impact of abortion on women. My goal was quite different – I wanted to raise public awareness and to caution against stigmatization of women who have undergone abortion,” said Lena.