Michael Ephraim was called to the school because of my daughter

Михаила Ефремова вызвали в школу из-за дочери The successor of the actor appeared at the Studio the evening of the show Ivan Urgant. Anna-Maria, Faith and Hope Ephraim spoke about how his father is a well-known artist, and also spoke about their progress and shared achievements.
Михаила Ефремова вызвали в школу из-за дочери

Heroes of the program “Evening Urgant” become Mikhail Efremov and his daughters – 16-year-old Anna-Maria, 13-year-old Faith and 10-year-old Hope. They appeared in the Studio of a TV show on the occasion of an important anniversary – the 90th birthday of people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Yefremov. 1 October in the State Kremlin Palace will be held the evening of memory of the famous actor, in which the stage is a celebrity – Iosif Kobzon, Larisa Dolina, Alexander Kalyagin, Oleg Menshikov, Garik Sukachev, Gosha Kutsenko, Irina Apeksimova and others. Close relatives of Oleg Nikolaevich will also be the honorary guests of the event.

In live evening show Ivan Urgant, Mikhail Efremov told about the talents of the daughters and participated in a fun match with the kids. At the TV also invited the niece of the artist Olga, who is the mother of one-year-old Arseny.

“He’s a good dad. Playing with our younger brother Boris in football,” – said the daughter of the stars.
Михаила Ефремова вызвали в школу из-за дочери

The eldest daughter of actor studying at the musical theatre school, so it can be called the successor of the acting dynasty of Ephraim. “Father never dissuaded me from an acting career. He resigned,” admitted Anna-Maria. The girl is performing on stage and striking in their loved ones abilities. So, she took part in the production, based on the play by Bertolt Brecht’s “Drums in the night”. As told by her famous parent, the girl also enjoys poetry.

Михаила Ефремова вызвали в школу из-за дочери“Yes, she’s a reader. She is a poet and goes on stage, reciting poetry in a loud voice of Mayakovsky. Not very good poetry. Therefore, we are not going to read them. She does it cheerfully and firmly. I liked it” – said Efremov.
Михаила Ефремова вызвали в школу из-за дочери

Ivan Urgant asked Michael Ephraim, have him meet with teachers and talk about the progress of the children. The younger daughter of the actor said that teachers mainly talking to the mother. In turn, the actor admitted that recently he was called to the school about the older heiress Anna Maria.

“22 August was a parent meeting. There seems to my father said a lot of different things. They all, of course, is not true,” said the daughter of the stars.
Михаила Ефремова вызвали в школу из-за дочери

Father of Anne-Marie rushed to her mind. “Don’t say nasty things! He said so, that’s it…” – told Efremov, depicting a menacing gesture with his finger. “What about algebra?” asked parents girl.

“About algebra I’m going to say! On a daily basis. And to remind you”, – joked the actor.