The star of the show “the Voice” Eugene Gravino robbed in Central Moscow

Звезду шоу «Голос» Евгению Дравину обокрали в центре Москвы Model and singer has become a victim of hackers. As the correspondent, member of Graveney stole the decoration, which, according to some, is worth several million rubles. The victim tries not to talk about the incident to reporters.
Звезду шоу «Голос» Евгению Дравину обокрали в центре Москвы

Journalists reported that 21-year-old former contestant on “the Voice” Eugene Vamadeva became a victim of robbers. The incident occurred in the center of Moscow. It was alleged that the robbers opened her car, stealing jewelry and other things. According to some, its cost is estimated at five million rubles.

“StarHit” contacted Eugene with a request to comment on the incident. The girl confirmed that she had been robbed, but chose not to go into details about the circumstances of the incident and the stolen items.

“The Internet is a lot to write. Yes, I was robbed. No more comments, please do not give” – said the singer “StarHit”.

Recall that Eugene Vamadeva model and singer originally from the Kaliningrad region. In recognition of the girls, she began to earn money as a teenager. “I’m very versatile, thanks native. My mom is my closest friend and helper. Since childhood, I played sports, at the time of surfing”, said Vamadeva “StarHit”.

In the autumn of last year, Eugene participated in the fifth season of the popular vocal show “the Voice.” Spectacular brunette who participated in the contest “Miss Russia”, managed to win over many viewers. The girl was in command of Grigory Leps and reached the stage of the Knockouts, but then she had to leave the project. “You need to study music further, the sense will be,” said Eugenia mentor.

Ex-member of the “Voices” of Eugene Vamadeva: “Leps have helped open my gift”

In an interview with “StarHit” Vamadeva also admitted that grateful “Voice” for experience and work. “They helped me realize what I’m capable of. Need to try more to achieve success. I was happy to stand on the stage, to sing, to give energy to the audience and to her from a mentor was charging me 100 percent,” said the girl.

According to Eugenia, she studied Opera singing and have never made a pop vocal to participate in the program. “My preparations for the project began two or three months before its launch. I went on the show to reveal yourself on the stage,” explained the brunette.