Майкл Дуглас рассказал правду о своем здоровье и самочувствии

A few years ago, the news that actor Michael Douglas had cancer shocked the public. Many believed that the movie star will cope with serious illness, but still a certain percentage of his fans almost said goodbye to the actor. However, the treatment of Douglas had a result, and now the actor continues to live.

Recently the world was shocked again tabloids with their headlines. The media wrote that Michael’s cancer relapse and this time much more seriously than before.

To clarify the situation decided Douglas personally and were quick to comment on the rumours on his personal page on Facebook.

“Just returned from the unbelievably beautiful spring family vacation spent in Mexico, and found that “good” journalists again wrote about me stuff. So, my dear fans, currently I feel healthy and happy as ever. Already 5 years I live without this disease. A few weeks ago I took another test, which showed that I am 100% healthy!” — wrote Michael.

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