Victoria Bonia ready to adopt a child

Виктория Боня готова усыновить ребенка

Former star of the TV project “Dom-2” Victoria Bonia today a happy wife and mother. Together with a foreign husband Alex Smurfit Vika is raising her daughter angelina. But it seems that one baby bonnet little and recently she began to think about expanding their family.

As Bonia told journalists that the idea to give some kind of orphaned child maternal warmth in her head lives since school years, but only now she realized that they were ready to make it happen. The only stumbling block that ran Vick became her husband, who is not yet ready for someone else’s child.

“We were in the Caribbean, I asked my husband. Slowly fill up these rods, but he’s not ready,” said Victoria.

By the way, Bonia admitted that the option to give birth to another child she does not exclude.

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