Звезда «Побега из тюрьмы» пытался покончить с собой из-за интернет-шутки

Star of TV series “prison break” Wentworth Miller a few years ago, decided to suspend his acting career. The actor was suffering from depression, resulting in stopped working out, lost a thirst for life. Of course, this could not affect its appearance. Once a very attractive and charismatic guy turned into the ordinary American, rastermusic yourself harmful Goodies.

Despite the fact that Miller refused the stellar life, the paparazzi still sometimes followed the kid and at the most inopportune period of his life made a few shots, which later served as the basis for the creation of Internet jokes.

On the popular collage compares two photos of Wentworth while working on the series “prison break” and after its closure in 2010. The inscription reads: “When you escaped from prison and ran to McDonalds”.

Not a very offensive joke, as told by the guy on his page on Facebook, almost provoked him to suicide. Miller admitted that he had suicidal thoughts: “Today I found an Internet meme himself. Not for the first time. But it is different from the rest. In 2010 I took a pause in your career and tried for a number of reasons to keep a low profile. I had suicidal thoughts. I many times wrote about it since then, talking and sharing. But at the time I suffered in silence, like many. How difficult was my battle, little is known. I felt shame and pain,considered himself a defective item. The voices in my head urging me to go on the path of self-destruction. Not for the first time. I’ve struggled with depression since childhood… in short, I survived.

I’m glad. Now those pictures in the red shirt and with an absent-minded smile on his face remind me of wrestling. About my stamina and perseverance in the face of all the demons. I’m stubborn as a dandelion growing through the asphalt.

The first time I saw this meme, I was hurt to breathe. But, like everything in my life, I gave the pictures meaning. These pictures have become a symbol of my strength, healing and forgiveness” — wrote the actor.


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