Meryl Streep called Melania and Ivanka trump to talk about sexual harassment

Мерил Стрип призвала Меланию и Иванку Трамп рассказать о сексуальных домогательствах

68-year-old actress Meryl Streep has not bypassed the scandal with Harvey Weinstein. In a new interview for The New York Times, which she gave with Tom Hanks, Meryl was forced to comment on the controversial topic.

Мерил Стрип призвала Меланию и Иванку Трамп рассказать о сексуальных домогательствах

A journalist asked why her reaction to the scandal with the Weinstein waited by many people. “I don’t want to hear about your silence… I want to hear about the silence of Melania trump. Want to hear from her. She has much to say. And Ivanka too. I want it told. What you have experienced over the years and how you coped with it?” said Strip.

Unlike many other Actresses, Meryl decided not to comment on the situation, and wait to gather as much information as possible. “I don’t use “Twitter”. I have no page in Facebook. I really had to think. The situation emphasized my powerlessness and duplicity of Harvey – he was a deeply evil man, while remaining a true master at work. You’re in the movies and think you know everything about everyone. So much gossip. You don’t know anything. In a sense, people are unknowable. And it’s a shock… I really didn’t know about Harvey. I thought he had a girlfriend. And when I’ve heard the rumors about the actress seemed to me that someone wants to discredit them and their ability to get the job done. I didn’t know that Harvey was so abused people. He never invited me to the hotel. I didn’t know the details of his personal life,” explains the actress.

Recall that the sea of resentment poured out on the actress Meryl Streep after her colleague McGowan accused her on Twitter. According to the actress, Streep knew about the harassment by Weinstein to your fellow girls 10 years and never said anything to anyone, and then hypocritically going to visit the “Golden globe” in black clothes. Now against Meryl Streep in Los Angeles turned a street campaign in front of the screen actors Guild USA, the house of the actress in Pasadena and a short distance from the Studio “Twentieth century Fox” posters depicting Weinstein and Streep.

The posters depicted Meryl along with Weinstein. In the eyes of the smiling actress was placed a red rectangle that says “She knew”. Three-time winner of the award “Oscar” has been criticized for its initiative to wear black to the event on awarding the “Golden globe”. Rose believes that to take such a step from the side of Meryl’s hypocrisy, because she has long worked with Weinstein and kept silent about his ill-fated actions.

Such accusations are not nearly as happy actress. Seeing a sea of headlines with allegations of McGowan, she hurried to answer them. Strip written appeal to the colleague at the Huffington Post. The actress said McGowan that he did not know about what is happening and in any case does not support violence against women. “I was silent not specifically. I didn’t know. I do not condone violence. I didn’t know. I don’t want young girls were abused. Harvey Weinstein needed us, because our communication with him bought him the confidence and ability to seduce girls,” writes the Strip.