Кэмерон Диас и Бэнджи Мэдден планируют завести ребенка

The name of the 45-year-old Cameron Diaz very rarely appears in the news headlines. She stopped playing the movie and not appearing at social events. In January 2015 movie star married guitarist of the band Good Charlotte, Madden Benji. At the moment, this is the only reason to write about the star. Thanks to insiders, reporters learned that the star family is going to have a baby, but how is still unknown.

It turns out that the pair had been for a long time trying to have a baby. They have tried many methods, including IVF, but all attempts were unsuccessful. “They really want to become parents, but they didn’t work… In this way they already have been through a lot – it was a long and hard struggle. Cameron more than anything I want to be a mom. Failure even more closer together Cameron and Benji. He supports her and does not allow to forget that they have a common goal. Now they are open to all the ways to become parents and don’t know what will help them in the end but don’t give up,” said the insider. He added that the stars do not rule out adoption.

Despite the difficulties in life of couples, they do not cease to pass, and to love each other. Cameron is not shy to confess his feelings for the musician. One of the declarations of love actress timed the release of the new album of the band Good Charlotte, which plays its faithful. Under video performance groups, celebrity wrote:
“What I love about our marriage the most is that I’m so very proud of my husband. Every day he gives me a new reason to be proud. Sometimes I am proud of his boundless generosity, sometimes with care and thoughtfulness, fierce protection of loved ones. Every day I feel proud because to me – a complete successful person.. But this day I’m proud of how talented my man.
“Today the band Good Charlotte released the first in six years, the album, which was released under their own label, MDDN, and it’s incredibly cool! New album full of love, hope and truth of life. I really wish all the world could write the music that reflects your feelings. Baby, I’m once again amazed! I congratulate you!”.
Recall that Cameron married, Bangi in January 2015 after six months of a romantic relationship.