Member of SEREBRO casting in threatened suicide

Участница кастинга в SEREBRO пригрозила самоубийством 19-the summer inhabitant of Moscow could commit suicide if she will not take to the new composition of the group SEREBRO. Representatives of Maxim Fadeev trying to deal with the situation and to give the girl emotional support.

      Участница кастинга в SEREBRO пригрозила самоубийством

      Recently launched an online casting, which will choose the soloist in the popular Russian band SEREBRO. Producer Maxim Fadeev looking for a new member, as Daria Shashina forced to leave the project. Doctors discovered the singer “congenital dysplasia of the knee” and the pathology of tissue formation. Hundreds of contestants began to storm the box production center. But most of all everyone was shocked by the letter from 19-the summer inhabitant of Moscow, which threatens swasthi suicide unless you fall in SEREBRO.

      Like any competition, auditioning in popular maiden trio has a number of requirements to the applicant. A soloist of the ensemble can be 22-26 years old girl that can sing and dance. Her height should not exceed 164 centimeters, weight – 55 kg.

      In its proposal, 19-year-old girl wrote that has been vocal since the age of five. She described the singing of the passion, noting that she sings always and everywhere. Like other participants of the audition, she had to do hard work when you record the track to listen to. After the enumeration of his talents ambitious person wrote that participation in the group SEREBRO is a chance for her to start to live differently. Contender for a place in the group was so emotional that further threatened to commit suicide if she refused. “Do you want my blood on your hands?”, – wrote at the end of the application the applicant.

      However, these plaintive requests is very frequent among the total number of letters. “Office mail comes a lot of applications, many of which do not meet the conditions of casting. We consult with psychologists on how better to do in this case. We will try to help Yulia psychological support. First of all, we will contact her parents and together decide what to do,” said representatives of Maxim Fadeev portal

      It was originally planned that Maxim Fadeev will announce the results of the audition for SEREBRO by 5 April, but the number of applications was so impressive and to choose from among the beauties who submitted questionnaires is so difficult that the organizers have decided to extend it until April 13. Earlier it became known how the processing of all letters. “In a minute receives about one application. The first day was 1800. There are really talented pretender. Try out girls from many cities, of all ages and with different data – both the vocal and external. Even sent a couple of questionnaires from Sweden – the group there are incredibly many fans,” – said in PCMP.

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