Svetlana Ustinova was played by Natalia Goncharova

Светлана Устинова сыграла Наталью Гончарову
On the channel STS goes out the Comedy series “Pushkin”.

Светлана Устинова сыграла Наталью Гончарову

Svetlana Ustinova

Photo: Press service of STS

Светлана Устинова сыграла Наталью Гончарову

Alexander Molochnikov

Photo: Press service of STS

Svetlana Ustinova will first appear on screens in the Comedy. In the series
“Pushkin” on CTC, she plays a French actress, Sophie,
was invited to take part in an international project about the life of Alexander
S. she got the role of the Muse and wife of the great poet
Natalia Goncharova.

“I am very fond of historical films, said
Svetlana Ustinova. — I had a dream to star in a dress with a corset,
fluffy skirts and hair. Besides, the script written and funny
and at the same time there is a dramatic scene.”

The film is shooting yourself in jeopardy because
actor Andrew Chervonsky, which must play by Pushkin, gets
serious injury. But the producers find out — replace it
the thief-pickpocket, which is in the image photographed with a classic
tourists at the Palace square of St. Petersburg where takes place
history. However, to deliver the message to the set,
producers will have to rescue him from prison.

And actor, and a pickpocket in the series was played Alexander Molochnikov, partner
Ustinova on the film “Cold front”. By the way, that picture of his
invited Svetlana, and now they met again on the court.
“In the show I play two contrasting characters —
told Alexander Molochnikov One is a simple children’s home guy with gopnicheskuyu inclinations,
second — popular, but very conceited and arrogant artist. What
applies to Pushkin, thanks God, I don’t play the Alexander, and
the two heroes
the role of the poet. Actually it’s a difficult acting challenge – to make sure
to several characters changed throughout the series”.

General producer of the series Rezo Gigineishvili recognizes that in
some extent the story is based on real events. “Something similar was
actually, says Rezo — When my colleague was shot
picture in Georgia, it so happened that the leading man was in
prison. All 45 of filming changes it brought to the site under escort, and
then drove back. To me this story seemed funny, interesting and
in some cases even touching.”

Shooting the series “Pushkin”

Photo: Press service of STS

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