Melanie Griffith talked about their cosmetic operations

Мелани Гриффит рассказала о своих косметических операциях
The star again to visit a plastic surgeon


Melanie Griffith had guts to admit
what in my life has made a lot of cosmetic surgeries. Actress, four times married and four times divorced, admitted that he now bitterly regrets the experiments on appearance. The details of his
surgical epic actress revealed in a recent interview with “Porter Magazine”.

“The first time I took the help of a cosmetic surgeon
more than 20 years ago,” said 59-year-old Melanie. Then she decided with the help of implants
enlarge Breasts. Then, as told Griffith she started doing
regular injections of Botox, fillers and all that is possible. Then ran
laser medicine, then increased the lips of… the Lips of the actress, as she explained, “got
especially much”. At her request, the doctor is clearly overdone, pumping them with silicone. “I have used
to his lips for almost six months,” admitted Melanie.

Many intervention gave more side
effects than expected results. “I have not once had an allergic
the reaction that I looked just awful!” — said Griffith, who has lived in lawful marriage with Antonio Banderas for nearly 18 years. As the actress confessed she
for a long time did not understand what their efforts are doing no better, and worse and worse.
“The most offensive thing about this story is that I
didn’t realize how really began to look as a result of long procedures. And I realized that it’s time to stop only when all
began to write: “God, what did she do to your face?” I was very much
wounded and decided to change doctors. The current specialist has developed a plan for me, as if
do not return me to the initial condition, then at least reduce caused
damage. However, it will take time. But now I, I think,
look much better, that is natural… ” he told Griffith.