Polina Maksimova was surprised by the spicy mom

Полина Максимова удивила пикантным снимком мамы The star of the series “Deffchonki” showed a photo of a relative in Instagram. Polina Maksimova shared with users of the social network frame in honor of the birth of a mother. The fans were delighted with the appearance of Svetlana.

      Today, the fifth of April, mother Polina Maksimova Svetlana accepts congratulations. Woman celebrates birthday. On such a joyous occasion, the actress of the popular sitcom showed followers the most important person.

      Subscribers microblog could not understand whether the photographer posing the parent star. The picture shows a young woman with a gorgeous figure, resting at the resort in her skimpy bikini. Polina herself had signed the post kind words to the birthday girl. “Happy birthday, Mamunya. You’re my fire! And I love you very much! Shine, my flower! I’m just always gonna be there” – confessed celebrity.

      Many fans Maximova first saw Svetlana. They admitted that they now know who their favorite is so beautiful. Also netizens appreciated the chiseled form of a woman and left several dozen comments with compliments to the guest of honor.

      “I thought it was Pauline with a new hairstyle!”, “Wow! What a cool, young and beautiful!”, “To get what your mom figure! Well done!”, “Looks good, I did not even realize at first that it mother,” “Field, show mom our congratulations! Let it be always healthy. Let it remain as beautiful and in great shape!”, “Our beloved, dear Svetlana tarasovna! Happy birthday! You’re wonderful! After meeting you, I became even happier! You are incredible! Be happy, strong health, cheerful mood and always smile! Thank you for such a daughter! Uraaaaaaaa!” – wrote in Instagram fans.

      Cousin really very close. Despite the heavy workload, they try as often as possible to see and always stay connected. In addition, once they even starred in a joint project. Then she told reporters that she often serves the role in the movie, but not as deep as I would like the actress. Maximova-senior dreams of the heroine with character, with a deep inner world and real experiences.

      I wonder what mother star “Devchonok” is not making any special effort to save the youth. The woman admitted that her bedtime is not in compliance with the dietary regime, tans and sometimes even allows himself to harmful products.