Melania trump like a tweet dedicated to her “hatred of man”

Мелании Трамп понравился твит, посвященный ее «ненависти к мужу»

The new first lady of the United States of America Melania trump not too fan of the social network. Members and users of the network, and then insult her husband and looking for a new sensation. Since then, as Donald trump became the head of state, the woman only twice left the huskies on Twitter, and one of them yesterday message.. dedicated to her hatred of her husband.

“It seems the only wall that was able to build Donaldo is a wall of hatred between him and Melania” — written by a Andy Sharp under not comfortable with voice input, which depicted a strange reaction Melania during the inauguration of her husband. This message and like Mrs trump. She soon removed their like, but it was too late – he’s already been noticed. Obviously, the relationship of the White house and his wife really not honey. Recall now that Melania lives in new York with her son Barron, and the duties of the first lady, meanwhile, had taken the daughter of Donald from a previous marriage Ivanka.