Brad pitt is ready to make his final gift before the divorce

Брэд Питт готов сделать жене последний подарок перед разводом

Divorce proceedings between Angelina Jolie and brad pitt has the potential to be completed more successfully than it started. In the press leaked information that the pair now divide the jointly acquired property and have already reached the finish line in this issue.

For a long time the stumbling block was not even a French Chateau, Chateau Miraval, who likes all Joliepitt family and their mansion, located in the prestigious area of Los Angeles. The Les Miserables actress fought for home and intended to sell it as soon as possible after receipt of the documents, but brad offered her an alternative: the actor has agreed to give ex-wife a new apartment in any of the selected her place, and instead to leave the property in Los Feliz with him.

This decision pitt adopted primarily for the sake of their children: it is important that the heirs continued to come into the house, where their childhood. The mansion has a giant pool, and a Playground for skateboarding and many other activities, which are crazy teenagers. The actor gave Jolie clues to she and her children could at any moment to come for a few days and relax away from the bustling city. Furthermore, if his family does not want his presence when you come into the house, he may for some time to move out. In General, he is willing to do anything to make his children happy and satisfied.

We will remind, last week it became known that Angelina and her new boyfriend are getting ready to adopt another child. “Angie always desperately wanted another baby, but brad was against it, because they thought their family is already complete”, — said the insider. New choice actress supports her decision.