Мелания Трамп не считает нужным поддерживать мужа In the last days of January, President Donald trump has appealed to Congress with the annual message in which he said that the Foundation of democracy is faith and family values. Congressmen in unison, rose to his feet, to reward him for the thought of applause, and only Melania defiantly remained seated.
Мелания Трамп не считает нужным поддерживать мужа

Thereby, the first lady showed that neither beautiful words nor decorum not force her to change her attitude to marital sins of the trump. Right now the American media are questioning the porn star Stormy Daniels with which Donald allegedly partied in 2006, while Melania was recovering after the birth of her son. Requires policy or not, but at the moment Mrs. trump is not ready to welcome the wife of the arguments about family values and pretend that approve of his behavior. Interestingly, Americans at first accepted the former model with hostility, gradually begin to respect it.

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For the first time Stormy Daniels shared his memories about the affair with trump in 2011. Five years later, deciding to run for President, he, according to anonymous sources, paid her $130 thousand for silence. In the last month is slightly zaplesneveluju the story dragged to the light of day, dusted off and put to the people, despite the fact that Stormy is now denying everything.

Melania fundamentally does not comment, but her actions are more eloquent than words. Stormy once again appeared on the family horizon, the first lady suddenly changed his mind to go with her husband on the summit in Davos. She was still able to somehow digest the fact that about twenty women accused her husband of indecent proposals, forcible kisses and crude sexual jokes. In the end, it’s a matter of perception that can be challenged. Pull on the brakes again reprinted pornographic revelations regarding Stormy manhood Donald was not so easy. Press agent Melania explained her refusal to fly to Switzerland “mismatch in the work schedule”. According to the official version, she had to preside over a charity dinner in Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Before leaving the first lady on their own initiative attended a memorial evening in the Washington Holocaust Museum, and when we got to the place, boring meals decided not to go. Instead, Melania spent a few pleasant hours in an exclusive SPA complex, owned by the family trump. Home she was taken to the plane of the Ministry of defense, and in General her impromptu vacation cost the Treasury $64 thousand

Мелания Трамп не считает нужным поддерживать мужа

Down with the Convention!

Manipulation Melania “work schedule” is no surprise. It leads almost independent of the husband’s way of life, going where and when he wants to. After the election, Mrs. trump has even said that he is not going to move into the White house because they with son Barron well in the same place of residence in new York. Melania didn’t want to transfer the boy to another school. At the end of the school year to convince her to move to Washington, but insiders say that the couple lives in a different apartment and travels separately.

If Melania is not possible to avoid joint publication, she often behaves with her husband’s cold, if not hostile. Chronicle of official foreign visits the pair usually includes footage of Melania pulls his hand out of the hand of Donald and otherwise shy away from his touch. This behavior goes against the unwritten code of the first lady who needs to show unity and harmony with her husband, especially if his political career goes wrong.

Melania is different from its predecessors not only that. No first lady before her did not move to America to work from another country, not filmed in advertising, not posed Nude and didn’t marry a twice-divorced man. Besides, she practically engaged in public work, as he considers a top priority the education of his son and is not going to be distracted by formal nonsense designed to convince the public that the President’s wife plays an important role in his Affairs. Completely devoid of political ambitions, Melania didn’t want trump went to the polls, and now is behaving like a hostage to his ambition. Its permanent gloomy even put in social networks the beginning of the campaign #FreeMelania – “Free Melania”. Americans are only now beginning to understand that Mrs. trump is a much more complex character than is generally assumed. She couldn’t miss the speech of Donald at the session of Congress, but came back in white, whereas the dress code prescribed black – in support of victims of sexual harassment. She found the courage to sit when everyone around us stood up. For failure to comply with the fundamental status of conventions – the only available form of rebellion.