Внебрачная дочь Александра Серова и его бывшая любовница подверглись травле Valentine Arishina complained of haters in social networks. According to the woman, she received many negative comments from fans of Alexander Serov. However, the possible mother of his daughters is not going to remain silent and to fight for ourselves.
Внебрачная дочь Александра Серова и его бывшая любовница подверглись травле

The scandal around the personal life of Alexander Serov has been simmering for several months. First appeared on the horizon Christine tiller works, who claimed he is the illegitimate daughter of the artist, and after he had found another heiress proposing.

In the program “the Secret to a million”, he told me that he can indeed be illegally born one daughter and her name is Alice Arishina. The girl lives in the USA and was born after a short connection of Alexander with a fan named Valentina. The man claimed that the fan fraudulently got him the seed because I really wanted to get pregnant by a famous artist.

After the news on Valentin was hit by a wave of negative criticism. She reported about it on social networks, urging people to stop watering her family dirt.

“Dear friends who write to me in PM and sprinkle poison, protecting Serov that you want me to say? Why should it me defend? I talk about him something bad? I on it need something? Money or asked to divide its half of the Kingdom ? He kicked me out, not with the best hand. So why can’t I stand up for myself and my daughter? This is not what I wanted to do a DNA test, and he. I just want to live my life, and that it not climb like you,” wrote Valentine.
Внебрачная дочь Александра Серова и его бывшая любовница подверглись травле

Former mistress, hastened to support the people who are watching the scandalous affair. Many have noted that the singer really behaved badly, and not put Valentina in the best light. “Don’t pay any attention to anybody! Most importantly, be happy and love your daughter”, “the Fact that Serov was said on the variety of programs really was mean”, “I think we should end this conflict, after all, the important thing is that after those fleeting relationships born a beautiful girl,” discussed the situation subscribers Arising.

Valentina’s daughter Alice, who are extremely reluctant to comment on the scandal surrounding his alleged father, has also made a statement on social networks. The girl said that during one of the esters has behaved incorrectly.

“To watch the interview and transfer, in which you participate, is not always pleasant, but sometimes necessary. Perhaps, in his interview to “Russia 1″, I spoke rather sharply. This day was full of stress and bad news related to the theme of the interview. However, I want to remain civilized and not get personal. I can honestly say that that day was heavy, and much of what I said could be worded delicately. However, the essence of it certainly doesn’t change my opinion on the most important, remains the same,” said Alice.

Alexander Serov has refused to recognize children born out of wedlock without carrying out DNA-examinations. He has said many times that even if both girls would be his heirs, they will not get share from the big state of the artist. Now the whole of his property transferred to a only daughter Michelle, who by all means protect the interests of the father.