Mel Gibson would not let the neighbors to the beach

Мел Гибсон не пускает соседей на пляж
The actor is again “flashed” his quarrelsome nature

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson, who seems to just have the talent
to get into all sorts of trouble, was involved in another scandal. As reported by the newspaper The Tico Times,
Gibson suing his neighbors that it blocked the access to the beach.

Fabulous estate on the Pacific coast actor
bought back in 2007. In addition to the fabulous beauty of the landscape, the acquisition of Gibson
boasts all imaginable and unimaginable amenities. On-site
estates of 200 hectares(!) there are several houses, one main only
the building has 7 bedrooms and eight bathrooms. And all this surrounded by beautiful jungle.
Here you can hide any beauty — for example, with 24-year-old Rosalind Ross,
which actor was found at present, and enjoy life without fear
the invasion of paparazzi.

But there is one problem: according to the laws of Costa Rica, all
the beaches are considered public property. Foreign and Mel, wherein
extremely quarrelsome nature, does not favor. So he didn’t know any better
how to build a fence with a gate and deny, thus, their neighbors access to
the beach. And now the locals United against Mel, decided with him
sue. Unless of course, Mal at the last moment will not yield and will not demolish the fence. Though
such a development is unlikely.

Gibson has systematically demonstrated that he does not want
to reckon with the opinions of others. He could afford, for example, to yell at
the police do not mince words. Or to get involved in a fight with Oksana Grigorieva, one of the
his ex-girlfriends and mom daughter Lucia. And last summer in Australia attacked
a female reporter who tried with a not too close distance
to take a picture of him with Rosalind. Companion Gibson then almost burned with
shame for her date. Luckily for Mel, the beautiful young Ross did not quit
it was after this ugly history. Moreover, say the couple is already thinking about
how to create a family.

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