The end of the war: the Romanian reconciled father Friske and Shepelev

Конец войне: пранкеры помирили отца Фриске и Шепелева

The popular TV host said that still loves Joan and wants peace with her parents.

More than a year Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske father were thrown at each other accusations. Mr Miller accused the broadcaster of infidelity, claimed that the relationship of Jeanne and Dmitry were built on the greed of the latter. Shepelev actively defended…

Family drama unfolded in front of the entire country. It seemed no one would be able to reconcile the relatives, suddenly became bitter. But, it seems, the situation changed fortune, which in life Friske and Shepelev were pranker Vova, and Lexus.

During the broadcast of the show “the call” on NTV TV presenters have tried to plant for a negotiating table the two irreconcilable enemies. They called Dmitry and Vladimir B. on behalf of the opposite sides of the conflict.

Looks like the two heroes of the show are so tired of the internecine war that did not long resist and agreed to go to the world.

“Dima, you don’t know what I have. Everything that belonged to Jeanne, go to Plato, but mine is Natasha and Plato. Everything we have — everything for a child. Dima, I know that you love him. But we also love very much”, — said during the conversation Vladimir Friske. -We’re two idiots, you know, Dima. We embarrassed Joan to the whole world. When I come to her grave, I feel ashamed in front of Elya, so we can not. I don’t know how you’re still not insane…”

In turn, Dmitry answered, he had no objection to Plato talked with grandma and grandpa.

“There are many troubles that you have done, and this will have to be dealt separately. But I want to have Plato were grandma and grandpa, and I have no right to say who is good and who is bad. I feel as if unhinged, and it’s hard for me. But you, Volodya, even harder. I do not defend myself, and the child. I’m going to do it as long as you don’t calm down… I saw, I know what you did” — said TV presenter.

Dmitry also admitted that he still grieved the departure of Jeanne’s life.

“I love your daughter”, – said Dmitry…

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