Mel Gibson sells home, lives with his daughter and ex-girlfriend

Мел Гибсон продает дом, в котором живет его дочь и бывшая возлюбленная

Mel Gibson gets rid of the house, which is associated with difficult memories. Actor and Director put up for sale mansion, which he bought in 2009 and which was to become their family nest with Oksana Grigorieva. Then the deal cost the city 2.4 million dollars. Today, 8 years later, Gibson puts the price at $ 2.1 million. Apparently, the filmmaker did not care that he loses a tremendous amount on the sale of the estate. Gibson just wants to get rid of the house quickly.

Note that the house in its decoration and the filling is very beautiful and functional. On the area of 325 square meters located four bedroom, three and a half bathrooms, library, large dressing room, etc. The interior is made of wood with stained glass elements.

I will assume that a buyer for the estate with such a tempting price are very fast.

We will remind, for two years in this house lived the Gibson ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, with their common daughter Lucia.

According to the agreement from 2011 Oksana and Lucia had to live in the house, to coming of age girls. But the couple decided to beat the Treaty. Mel and Oksana this month signed the new documents, which States that Grigorieva with her daughter moving out of the house, and in exchange, Gibson adds to the amount of monthly alimony of 10 thousand dollars. Now Mel needs to pay every month for the maintenance of the daughter is not less than 30 thousand dollars.

Recall now Gibson is negotiating with Warner Bros. to become the Director of the sequel of “suicide Squad”.