Mel Gibson, and Vince Vaughn talk about police brutality in new Thriller

Мел Гибсон и Винс Вон расскажут о полицейской жестокости в новом триллере

Mel Gibson opened in Hollywood, because now his name we often meet in the credits of the film and as an actor and Director.

So, a new project Gibson was the crime Thriller “Dragged Across Concrete, which can be translated as “Dragging concrete” (the official Russian name is still unknown). Partner Mel in the film will be Vince Vaughn.

The film’s Director appointed S. Craig Thaler, known for the film “Bone Tomahawk”.

Vaughn and Gibson will play a dismissed police officers because of their working methods, with the use of force. The police actions were captured on camera. This video, in fact, gave evidence of their illegal work. Now the heroes travel into the criminal underground to get revenge. Will they be able to do it?

The date of filming yet unknown.

Earlier, Vince and Mel worked together. Gibson shot Vaughn in his belt “For reasons of conscience,” which received six nominations for “Oscar”.