Rodion Gazmanov told why not a family

Родион Газманов рассказал, почему не обзавёлся семьёй

35-year-old eligible bachelor Rodion Gazmanov, the son of popular singer Oleg Gazmanov said in a recent interview, why still not married. As explained today in an interview with Yulia Menshovoj in the program “Alone with all”, he is very afraid to make a mistake and link the fate with the wrong person.

“As the son of divorced parents, I don’t want to repeat their mistake. No, do not consider their marriage a mistake, I just don’t want my kids went through what I went through”said Rodion.
Recall that at the age of five Gazmanov Jr. came on the scene with his father and sang became a hit song about a dog “Lucy”. First grown-up Rodion tied its fate with the business and even worked as a financial Director in a large company, however, genes won’t crush, and the guy went back to music.
Now Rodion involved in the filming of TV programs, and touring. To marry in the foreseeable future he’s not going until I am sure that with him “the same”. The opinion of parents regarding the potential bride, the young man, of course, listen, but it will solve itself, with whom to live. Rodion confesses that before the mother could’ve given him a few words to completely kill all his feelings for the girl, now he not so trusts her mother, and she herself had probably been waiting for grandchildren.