Mel C was humiliated colleagues in Spice Girls

Мел Си унижали коллеги по Spice Girls

Melanie C, one of the participants popular in the 90s of the band the Spice Girls are not too excited about the possibility of a reunion. As it turned out, in those days the group had a pretty bad day because.. the humiliation she suffered from the other member of the group.

“Sport pepper” refused to give the names of Obidin, but we know that we are talking about several women.
In an interview with Attitude Mel C talked about his new album “Version of Me” and touched on the reunion of a once popular group.
“”Version of Me” is about the humiliation and persecution. When you’re young, these things really affect you, harden or break. In any case, they form your identity. Unfortunately, I have had this experience, I felt humiliation and bullying. For me it’s also affected. Is that even a strong personality can break from this,” said Melanie. When asked whether she was referring to his colleagues from the group, she answered directly:
“Yes, we are talking about them, but to call names, I will not. We’ve already discussed this, they understand what happened and apologized.. Now I am older and wiser, much more confident than before. But when I was younger, I allowed people to humiliate themselves. I would like to be stronger at that time. It was what it was,” said Melanie.
Later, the singer admitted that even after years after several meetings with former colleagues, she decided not to speak with them more.
“Victoria already said goodbye to the world of show business. She went into your world of fashion. For me, the hardest part was to tell my fans that I will no longer perform with the Spice Girls, to upset them, but I instinctively chuvstvuu that it would be correct,” said Melanie.