Panin spoke again about the dog

Панин снова заговорил о собаке

Friend the infamous Russian actor Alexei Panin, Dzebisashvili angelina released photos of the artist with his daughter NUS and said that after shocking information storm about the alleged intimate relationship of Alex with a dog that seriously intends to sue to protect his good name.

The woman explained that she had assumed the role of mediator due to the fact that the social network Facebook Alexei is not his page. Once warned that those unhappy with it will send to the ban, angelina published an open letter to the artist.
“After the program “Talk show” in which I was accused of having sex with a dog and once “threw mud”, I got a call from NTV and on behalf of the management of the channel proposed to remove the refutation. I reacted with disbelief to the idea, but after a long explanation that they hate a program that slandered me, after persistent requests, and solemnly promises that all will be well and very decently agreed. The broadcast was scheduled for November 12 on Saturday, but it was a hoax. The broadcast did not take place. People, who yesterday beat his breast and swore by his children that it would be “the BOMB” began to invent various justifications and excuses. Some stopped to answer the phone. Promised announcements no, text and video, which by contract had to agree with me, I never showed. At first I was told that it is still not assembled, then, that we must negotiate with the management, and now altogether ceased to make comments” — said in a letter to Alex.
Now Panin annoyed that journalists have failed not only him, but his daughter, who “opened before them his soul,” talked about his life, about his experiences.
“NUS was hoping that after this program, they’ll leave us alone and give to live a normal life.. this film was not only about the history of the dog, or rather not at all about the dog. About the dog there are only a few words. It was about my life. About what I live, about my experiences, about precisely I care. About my attitude to the world about my wife Lucy, my daughter. This film was supposed to show the real Alexei Panin, and not of the guy made me a “yellow press”. Unfortunately, it was no use to anyone! The truth is not interesting!” writes Panin. He added that among the reporters turned out to be more human characters than the user channel, and “quietly from the management handed him a piece of footage”, which Alexey is now planning to publish. All the perpetrators of false information Panin going to be punished through the courts.