Мел Би прокутила свыше 50 миллионов долларов

Scandals continue to follow the “spice” Melanie brown, who is now in the middle of a divorce with her husband and the father of her daughter with Stephen Belafonte. Amid accusations of swinging it became known that over the last ten years, Mel b pulled into the wind for more than $ 50 million and remained on the verge of bankruptcy. This was stated by the representative of Stephen grace Gamla.

According to the newspaper The Sunday People, the Bank account of the singer Moneyspider Productions, created in 1997, currently there are only 961 pound sterling, although a few years ago it was tens of millions. The couple also eats a huge debt to the internal revenue service, the cause of which is the wasteful life of a couple.
“They have always lived lavishly and was fond of carousing, and at the end of the year they didn’t have enough money to pay taxes. All proceeds Melanie from Spice Girs were wasted” — it is told in the message.
Recall that Melanie filed for divorce on 20 March this year, accusing her husband of abuse, beatings and forced sex Threesome, but journalists sought out people who had been in bed with the star and her husband, and reported a very different picture: supposedly, she was the initiator of such an intimate relationship. Brown requested the court to withdraw certain video of intimate content, were in the hands of the Belafonte, and forbid him to approach her and her daughters.
Stefan not only denies the allegations, but my wife and is going to defend the right to meet not only biological daughter, but from the middle daughter, Melanie, whom he raised as a mother all these years.