Roman Zhukov was again engaged in the restaurant business

Роман Жуков снова занялся ресторанным бизнесом
The singer opened a karaoke bar in Lazarevskoye.

Roma Zhukov with guests

Photo: personal archive

Roma Zhukov was again engaged in the restaurant business. On
recently the singer together with business partners, as co-founder,
opened the Oriental restaurant in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi. Karaoke bar offers a wide selection
Oriental cuisine (Uzbek rice to Japanese sushi), rich wine
map, live music and performances of stars of domestic stage. One of the
the first Novel, congratulated on the opening and supported by the performance of singer

A few
years ago, beetles have already tried his hand as a restaurateur. He
enthusiasm opened its first restaurant in the English style with elegant
interiors of the gilded and red velvet, but after six months, something
“wrong,” and the singer was forced to abandon the idea.

took into account the first experience, made conclusions. I think at the second attempt
you certainly will succeed. To move from Moscow I don’t plan to, but now
spent a lot of time here in Lazarevskoye, often take a
older kids “to bask in the sun”. Summer this year in the capital there, and
here it is good. And leisure, and work,” admitted bugs.