Эд Ширан оставил Твиттер из-за ненавистников

No more tweets. Famous British singer ed Sheeran was so upset over the haters comments left on his page in the social network that he decided to say goodbye to the social network Twitter. In my last entry 26-year-old musician is perplexed why he was the throat for some people.

“One comment can ruin your life,” lamented ed. Now a two-time Grammy winner will no longer personally lead his page on the social network Twitter. Previously, Sheeran was able to talk with someone in the virtual network, to respond to the review, in short, was closer to the audience, but in light of recent events, he decided not to do that anymore.
If the fans at the ed this summer has not worked, his colleagues in recent time very often speak of him. So, Jamie Foxx mentioned it in a recent interview, saying that a few years ago, an unknown, but very talented musician ed Sheeran lived with him under the same roof and slept on his couch. And Taylor swift, a colleague of the singer, posetila him whole essays included in the series of “the 100 most influential people” by Time. Singer wrote that ed “protected by impenetrable armor and constantly present enthusiasm, which helps him to withstand any setback, disappointment or underestimation”.