Меган Маркл потратила больше 200 тысяч долларов на шопинг Meghan Markle has once again found itself at the epicenter of the scandal because of his love for things from the elite brands. Fans felt that in the last two months just for shopping darling Prince Harry spent about 200 thousand dollars.
Меган Маркл потратила больше 200 тысяч долларов на шопинг

Since chic Royal wedding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took a little more than two months, but the scandals surrounding the newly-born spouse, has not disappeared. On the contrary, claims to the Duchess of Sussex, the British are becoming more and more.

First, the father of 36-year-old Megan handed out the controversial interview, and after her sister accused the girl indifference and possible imminent death of the Pope.

Sister Megan Markle accused her of the impending death of his father

Now, however, it was revealed that Markle, ceasing to be the Hollywood star, has cultivated a taste for expensive shopping. Fans were able to calculate that over the last two months the Duchess of Sussex spent on dresses and hats of the order of 200 thousand dollars!

Among the favorite brands Megan was Carolina Herrera, Chanel, and Givenchy. It would seem, like extravagance, there is nothing special, but the fact that a few months ago Markle has officially ended her acting career. Now she travels the world with charitable missions, and secular jobs, and finances the beloved of Prince Harry Royal family. The revenues of the crown are formed from taxes, so the expensive outfits the stars are so much outraged the public.

Меган Маркл потратила больше 200 тысяч долларов на шопинг

Especially notable extravagance Meghan Markle on the background of spending, Kate Middleton. The fact that the wife of Prince William is known for his frugality. She often chooses outfits for the mass market segment, and thus can appear in the same dress at several social events.

In contrast to this, Megan only during the three-day trip to Ireland spent about 36 thousand dollars at things from famous brands.

Меган Маркл потратила больше 200 тысяч долларов на шопинг

According to rumors, Queen Elizabeth II is extremely concerned about the extravagance of the darling grandson. Insiders claim that the Queen is going to discuss the subject with Harry, limiting the financing Markle.

Speaking of extravagance, a former actress began to talk in preparation for the Royal wedding. Then Megan spent several hundred thousand pounds on two dresses from the famous brands, expensive snacks for the guests and a chic private party.

The portal Wday tells how Prince Harry refers to a current situation, but apparently, the Prince is so in love, ready to forgive wife her weakness for expensive shopping.