Meghan Markle refused to participate in the “James bond” for Prince Harry

Меган Маркл отказалась от участия в «бондиане» ради принца Гарри Actress Meghan Markle, the bride of Prince UK Harry of Wales, was the main contender for the role of a girl agent 007 James bond in the 25th anniversary film about the adventures of superspy. But the engagement with Prince Megan had to say goodbye to the project.
Меган Маркл отказалась от участия в «бондиане» ради принца Гарри

The bride is the youngest Prince of the United Kingdom – the main newsmaker not only in England, Megan Markle of focus, being followed, it will be revealed all new details. It turned out that 36-year-old actress last year got an offer few can refuse to play the role of bond girl in the 25th anniversary edition of the film of the secret agent 007. Megan has not only entered the short list, she was the main applicant. The girl met all the requirements put forth by the producers, they were looking for “charming rising star from the US or Canada. Markle it was then that shone in the series “Force Majeure”. And about that time, Megan has already met the Prince. Apparently, knowing their prospects, and refused the role.

Меган Маркл отказалась от участия в «бондиане» ради принца Гарри “Megan is well-suited for the role of bond girl. She is glamorous, sexy and a good actress. Role recently get rising stars, and Megan was definitely one of them until the public found out about her relationship with Harry,” said the sources.
Меган Маркл отказалась от участия в «бондиане» ради принца Гарри

Role in the new series of “James bond” eventually went to another actress – Lea seydoux. And Meghan Markle is absolutely not regrets, not starred in one of the world’s most popular kinofranshizy.

“I don’t see it as a sacrifice, as a renunciation of the profession. I just think that in my life there has come time of changes,” says the bride of a British Prince.

This spring Megan Markle will become the wife of Prince Harry. Recently, the now former actress (Megan is no longer going to be in the movies) was invited to spend Christmas in Sandringham, and, as they say, she made a decent impression on the Royal family, including the head of the British throne – Queen Elizabeth.

A film about James bond, 25-th, which is called “bond 25” without the participation of Meghan Markle, will be released in 2019. The main role in it played by Daniel Craig, Lea seydoux, Monica Bellucci and Naomi Harris.

According to the materials of the British edition of TheSun.