50 years of the program “Time”: what happened to the legendary leading

50 лет программе «Время»: что произошло с легендарными ведущими “StarHit” says chief of star news, which these days celebrates the round date. The first issue of the news program went on the air January 1, 1968. During this period, replaced by three dozen leaders, and each of them left their trace in the memory of the audience.
50 лет программе «Время»: что произошло с легендарными ведущими

The legendary program “Time” first aired exactly 50 years ago. Then the news was black and white and the format of transmission was considered groundbreaking. At that period formed the concept of news feed, which has been preserved until now.

For five decades, leading newscasts was for the audience the epitome of journalistic professionalism. “StarHit” decided to find out how the fate of the brightest stars of the program.


50 лет программе «Время»: что произошло с легендарными ведущими

The first presenter of the program “Time” has held his post for 13 years. The last live performance with his participation was released 30 December 1989. However, after that the man continued to work on television, but on the other side of the camera.

Kirillov has never denied that the work has completely changed his life. Overnight he became a star, because “Time” is daily watched by millions of people.

The main inspiration men was his beloved wife Irina. They lived together for more than 40 years. In 2004 the wife of a famous speaker did not. He was very upset by her death and admitted that he feels lonely.

In 2008, the man was again able to find love. The inhabitant of Moldova Tatiana was surrounded by legendary speaker care.

“Every day I passed by and said Hello. And the same warm greeting he received in response. Once she had an accident, got fired from work, kicked out of the apartment. It was so hard to look at her tilted face, at first I left her to sleep in the old nursery my daughter, Ani, who now lives in Germany (and a little older than Tatiana Alexandrovna). And for eight months we were together. She’s my friend for life,” – said Kirillov happy “StarHit”.
50 лет программе «Время»: что произошло с легендарными ведущими

However, in 2011 the man had to face another tragedy. His son Vsevolod died because of an attack of pancreatitis. Then Kirillov Jr. was in Cameroon, and the heir of a famous speaker did not have time to offer help. Now the main joy Kirillov is his daughter Anna and grandchildren.


50 лет программе «Время»: что произошло с легендарными ведущими

Nonna Bodrov was the first host of the program “Time” and worked together with Igor Kirillov. The audience immediately took a liking to a beautiful brunette in a suit, which could bright and interesting to talk about any news.

Have Bodrova developed a great relationship with Igor Kirillov. Leading were friends for many years. In one of his interviews, the man admitted that the counterpart is an incredibly kind and humble person.

Nonna Viktorovna was married to journalist Boris Bodrov, but preferred not to talk about the details of his personal life. The chosen one presenter was involved in fierce fighting during the great Patriotic war. In one of the battles he was seriously wounded and for all life remained the invalid. The couple had one son, Boris.

The famous speaker did not 31 January 2009. She died of a pulmonary embolism. According to Bodrova son of Boris, the disease suddenly caught his mother’s death leading was a shock to her family.

For their career achievements Nonna Viktorovna was awarded the State prize of the USSR.


50 лет программе «Время»: что произошло с легендарными ведущими

For modern viewers Ekaterina Andreeva has long been the face of the program “Time”. The journalist has worked as a presenter since 1997. Fans do not get tired to note how young it looks like the star of broadcast news. In their opinion, it hasn’t changed over the past decade.

Catherine is actively involved in yoga, practicing meditation practices and trying to eat right. It explains your flawless appearance.

In an interview with “StarHit” Andreev admitted that is still nervous before each broadcast.

Ekaterina Andreeva: “In our family the husband is neat, and I’m a mess”

“Are you in contact with millions of people, but they are not: only the screen, camera and operators. And should be natural. It’s not easy. Plus different emergencies. For example, the live broadcast will take and you will break the technique down. And one time I forgot to attach the microphone, but it was a day when the blew up the twin towers. Eight hours in the air without a break! Thought, the brain will reveal. As was the case, terrorists have been mixed up with the tractor, said a village was attacked by a gang of tractor,” recalled Catherine.

The TV presenter is happy being married to a businessman from Serbia Dusan Petrovichem. Catherine has a daughter Natalia, who recently graduated from MGIMO. The fans hope that the successor Andreeva will follow in her footsteps and also ever appear in the legendary broadcast of the program.


50 лет программе «Время»: что произошло с легендарными ведущими

Sergey dorosenko led the program “Time” from 1996 to 2000. For their scandalous reports, the man received the nickname Telekiller. The fact that a journalist specialized in a compromising materials collected against politicians and influential businessmen. So, in 1999 he demonstrated in the air of the property that belonged to Yuri Luzhkov, and also revealed the true size of its earnings.

After leaving the First channel a man worked on the radio. Now he is blogger and maintains a popular channel on YouTube. Fans of doronenko appreciate his truthfulness of speech and boldness of judgment.

In 2013, fans of Sergei was shocked by the news of his divorce. With his wife Marina he had been married for over 30 years. Later, the man married a young woman named Julia, who gave birth to the journalist two daughters.


50 лет программе «Время»: что произошло с легендарными ведущими

The great-grandson of Leo Tolstoy began working on television in 1996. He led such programs as “the world’s people,” “Scandals of week”. Since 2005 Peter has been working within the information and news program “Sunday time”.

The post man held until 2012. He later worked on the programme “Politics” and “Time will tell”.

Now Peter Tolstoy decided to concentrate on a political career and business. Recently it became known that the man divorced his wife. This was reported by his daughter, Alexandra.

Daughter of Peter Tolstoy revealed the details of the divorce of his parents

“Parents do not hide. Every year we travel to the don under Volgograd. We put up tents and live in them. For me it is a kind of life that a child learns the home: cooking, cleaning, etc. We usually go with family, friends and my parents, and now my young man,” said Alexander.

Tolstoy himself has not commented on the rumors about the breakup with his wife. He is actively social networks, but focuses solely on operational issues.


50 лет программе «Время»: что произошло с легендарными ведущими

Pretty blonde has become the leading program “Time” in 1996. Confidently and clearly she told me about the most resonant events of the country and the world. However, in 1998, Sharapova decided to try myself in new projects.

Since July 2001 she has worked on the program “Good morning”. Arina also led the program “Fashion verdict”, “the best husband” and “the Island of Crimea”.

Of no less interest among fans of cause and aspects of his personal life Sharapova. She was married four times. The presenter prefers not to comment on past and present relationships. Mother Sharapova became only once. Her son Daniel also works on TV.


TV presenter Dmitry Borisov began working on the First channel at the age of 21 years. He rapidly made a career in journalism, and in 2011 became the leading main news program of the country.

This post he held until August 2017. During this period Dmitry was replaced by Andrei Malakhov, the post of the leader of the program “Let them talk”. Borisov did not hesitate to stand at the helm of the popular show and managed to bring in a new format the highlight.

Female fans of Dmitry and all consider him the most eligible bachelor national television. Borisov himself prefers not to comment on personal life, so we can only guess freely if the heart of a journalist.