Meghan Markle ready to follow Prince Harry in Africa

Меган Маркл готова последовать за принцем Гарри в Африку
The bride of a Royal heir assumes the image of a lady member of the Royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle, who since last summer
Dating the younger brother of Prince William — Harry, this fall is going
to accompany him to Africa. Megan wants to help the beloved to work on it
charity projects. With this goal in Markle in and going to go ride
not in tourist area — the tiny mountain Kingdom of Lesotho,
located in southern Africa. According to a source, Megan slowly
get used to the image of the beloved Prince, she seeks to lead the same lifestyle
like Harry, who dedicates a lot of time and effort charity work.

For the same reason, Megan wanted to stop at the end of the work
the seventh season, his participation in the popular TV series “Force majeure”, where she
plays the role of the girlfriend of the main character.
Shooting should be completed this summer and after that Markle intended to move to Britain to Harry in his mansion on the site of Kensington Palace. Moreover, according to reports, Harry is planning in the near future to move to the main building of the Palace next to Prince William and Duchess Catherine — and wants to settle there with his beloved.

And recently, Megan decided to
another change in his life: it announced that it would stop blogging,
the work was so passionate about the last three years. In his final message she
said goodbye to her fans and wished everyone good luck. As claimed, although Markle and adored your Tig (call it unit), she decided she beloved
Prince, and, in the future, and member of the Royal family, such employment not to
face… After all, they claim that Prince Harry this summer plans to make her
a formal proposal.