Ksyusha Novikova problems with his eldest son

У Ксюши Новиковой проблемы со старшим сыном
The singer has enlisted the help of fans.

У Ксюши Новиковой проблемы со старшим сыном

Xenia family

Ksenia Novikova complained eldest son of Myron. Singer
worried that the boy felt the conceited and therefore was often
to be lazy, for example, refuses to do homework. Recently, Myron has won the first
in his life dance competition. Eight-year-old
the boy became a competitor in the hip-hop style. The son of a popular singer in
the results took the second place: Myron handed silver
medal. Sorting through the options, including: transition to adulthood, spring
fatigue and “caught star disease”, She appealed for advice to


“Mom students, my dear, need advice and
your stories help, — wrote in social networks Novikov. — My oldest son, Myron, always doing homework. It
now completing second grade. But in recent times it has become very difficult
to persuade to do homework, never had to beg and
to cheat. May even flatly refuse and not to do. No, then, of course
will do, but certainly not immediately. Excuses is weight! It seemed to me at first,
it’s possible tired. The end of the year and all that. Then I thought that star
the disease caught him (remember, first place and audience choice award? It
very proud of it). Now, about the first puberty remembered. In short,
mess in my head complete. As a vacation, looking for a solution. Will help any
your story… write more, please! I really need your “advice
experienced” now.

“My daughter is also 2-grade finish. Usually after school
we still have classes, but when we come home, give them time to rest. It may
to be 15-45 minutes, depending on load and time. Them psychologically
easier goes a long way in the lessons, time was given “to
play”; “Ksenia, you’re not alone with this problem! Apparently the end of the year and
fatigue in schoolchildren. We have the same problem”; “My daughter is in 4th grade. Even with the second shift.
While the drive to school, then resting, still dancing. Too lazy starts. More
the spring hunt began to walk, not for boring lessons to sit by themselves
remember. So I think the problem with the lessons in April-may period at all” —
wrote Novikova subscribers to her page on the social network.