Meghan Markle moved to Prince Harry

Меган Маркл переехала к принцу Гарри

In his free time shooting an American actress Meghan Markle lives with her boyfriend Prince Harry.

Relationship 32-year-old Prince Harry (Prince Harry) and 35-year-old Megan Markle (Meghan Markle) are becoming more serious. Noticed a couple in a London restaurant Soho House: the lovers did not hide their feelings and hold hands.

According to the insider, Megan is staying with Harry for five weeks and almost moved in with her boyfriend. Now the star of the series “Force majeure” (Suits) don’t need to be on the set in Toronto, so all free time she spends with Harry.

About the novel Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became known in October last year. Apparently, the intentions of the Prince are the most serious: he introduced the actress with family and friends is going to marry her.