Саша Артемова о заговоре на «Доме-2»: «Андрей Чуев не дает нам победить» Participant of the contest “Wedding million” shared details of a fierce struggle. Because next week will be the final show, pair any ways to try and earn votes. While the leaders are Sasha Artemova and Eugene Kuzin, which displeases the other guys of the project.

      After a few days the voting will end for the participants of “House-2. Wedding in a million”. The results of the television project will announce on 14 February Valentine’s Day live on TNT. The winners will receive one million roubles for a luxurious dream wedding. Before the contest is a fierce fight between all participants of a reality show. Because at the moment the leaders are Sasha Artemova and Eugene Kuzin, the other guys and girls try every possible way to “annoy”.

      Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev can’t catch up with the guys for votes, so I devised a cunning move. They are campaigning for everyone’s support Gosias Sasha and Kostya Ivanov. If the guys win, the Marina and Andrey will cooperate with them and will play two weddings in one day. Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko also decided to support the opponents.

      “In competition we still will not win, and when’s the wedding, and so. And by voting for Sasha and Kostya, you thereby support both the Marina and Andrey with whom Sasha and Kostya promised to share!” – explained the participants of the reality show.

      Sasha Artemov believes that Andrey Chuev harbored by them, with Eugene a long-standing grudge. Leaders of the vote say that the guys declared it a real war simply from impotence and desire for profit.

      The star of “House-2” Sasha Artemova: “While we have not been able to have a baby”

      “Well, first, it is at least just against the rules of the competition “Wedding in a million”, because it must win only one pair and get a million on the wedding and not have to share the money. Second, they are grouped simply because they understand – alone do these couples have no chance to overtake us! Now we are the leaders in the vote, and in all stages of the competition! I think it’s just the desire of Andrey Chueva not to defeat us with Eugene. Because once he has tasted victory, when a dishonest way in 2015 surpassed Eugene in the contest “man of the year” at the “House-2″. And he is haunted by that now vote for our couple more. I do think that all the coalition just for the sake of profit and benefits. Although a pair of Dice and Sasha, Andrei and Marina definitely strong. But I hope we still win, despite all these intrigues and the wedding will take place one – as it should be in this competition!” – said Sasha.