СМИ: Китайцы уговорили президента «Реала» продать Роналду

In January, the media had spread the news that the permanent and non-player of football club “real” (Madrid) Cristiano Ronaldo can change the vector of their development in sport. It was reported that the famous footballer was offered an incredibly lucrative contract with one of the Chinese football clubs. For the Portuguese side were willing to pay an unprecedented $ 300 million per year. But Cristiano is not ready to sell their loyalty to the beloved real Madrid refused the offer. This was told by the agent of the player.

Today it became known that their attempts to get Ronaldo the Chinese did not leave, and now offered $ 300 million, Florentino Perez – the President of the favourite football club, real Madrid – and he is rumored to have agreed to the transfer. And this transfer should take place before the 2018/19 season, i.e. after the end of the world Cup in Russia.

Note that not so long ago Ronaldo signed a new supercontact with real Madrid, valid until 2020.

Interesting thing about it all thinking of you Cristiano?