Ирина Аллегрова отказалась от работы из-за юбилея Artist wants to spend the day with family and friends. Concert Director Irina Alexandrovna told what her plans for this holiday, which she considers sacred. Also, the man told the story of past stars, which she didn’t tell anyone.

      The singer clearly separates career and personal life, setting up a proper balance of themselves and the team. This time Irina, who today, January 20, celebrates the anniversary of, abandoned concerts in favor of the family. Now she picked up the outfit for the party at a famous fashion designer, and in the early 90s to find a dress that wouldn’t be the entire female half of the country, was almost impossible. That is why Allegrova invent and modify things myself. And one day, by accident, became the owner of a Schiaparelli dress, which was not from someone in Russia.

      “For many years for Irina Alexandrovna birthdays and New year – Holy days,” says “StarHit” Khizri Baitaziyev, concert Director of the singer.- At this time, she refuses to performances, corporate events and any work”.

      “But in one year, it was’ 92, we went to tour the jubilee tour and traveled to Russia from 13 January to end of April – continues the Baitaziyev. – There were no special cars or business class aircraft, so in order to avoid harassment, had to negotiate on the spot. Met in the cities, hospitable, organized leisure. In Moscow there was nothing to say, products not normally buy without ties. So we all dragged from the regions: televisions, VCRs, washing machines… Once in Urengoi took us Irina Alexandrovna on the base of potrebsoyuz. Then we saw the real head cheese, sausages, juice boxes. Gaining what you need in the house, and then watchful gaze of the singer fell on the dusty box standing in the corner with the trash. “What is it?” – mechanically she asked. “Yes, there dress some outlandish, useless. We fashion does not interest anyone – Yes padded jacket coats bring the same cold – 40° C!”

      Box was immediately opened. Taking out a bright thin cashmere dress, she said, “Take!” – and the price of cheese has acquired a chic outfit by Thierry Mugler. It is possible to find at the time only the speculators for big money! This is the only instance in Russia, as we are assured”.

      By the way, Irina herself has created the exclusive imagery. When were given rest days sat at work: trimmed studs skirts, sewed rags for dresses and jackets. It turned out so fancy “bows” that are in our show-business have brought to it.