Alla Pugacheva without makeup compared with the heroine of the tale

Аллу Пугачеву без макияжа сравнили с героиней сказки Diva showed, as he had a Baptism. The actress posted on a social network a picture taken during the Orthodox holiday. Members considered that on the face of the star is not a single gram of cosmetics. Netizens reacted ambiguously to the frame.

      Alla Pugacheva has shared a black-and-white selfie on his page in the social network. Like many other representatives of show business, on Thursday, the actress celebrated the Christening. In the caption, the Diva spoke about their experiences. “Epiphany water is a miracle!” – written by Pugacheva. Tolkalina, Dovlatov and others tested his strength in the Baptism

      Seeing the fans interested, whether bathed in Orthodox feast itself Alla, but the star chose not to answer this question. Many followers of the actress have noticed that on the face Pugacheva is not a single gram of cosmetics. Netizens were amazed at how the singer looks young.

      “Alla Pugacheva was, is and will always be beautiful, no matter what offended life evil people”, “Alia B. talent and singer, actress and generally awesome woman!” “I like those photos without makeup, without meaning. Just Alla, just eyes”, “Wow, what a sight,” wrote fans Pugacheva. Some commentators have compared the artist with the hero of the tale: the little mermaid from Walt Disney cartoons and with the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.

      In the comments to the post pop stars netizens continued to discuss her work and the recent petition, which proposed to reduce the number of broadcasts with the participation of the prima Donna. By the way, the initiator of “persecution” Alla Vadim Manukyan personally apologized to the artist.

      “I would like to clarify the situation surrounding the petition that I made, inspired by the Christmas blue lights. In no case did not want to hurt you or even worse – hurt. Unfortunately, my words were misinterpreted. There is another petition, not mine, it is the header added fuel to the fire and caused violent reactions of artists and media. I did not call to expel the air you or your colleagues. However, I think you will agree that Christmas the air of Federal channels is to improve, to change its format. Sure, fans were excited to be with you like at the same table,” said the author of the petition in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Alla saw apologies noted on the pages of “StarHit” and shared an excerpt from his speech in your account. Fans of stars greeted her with a kind of victory.