Скульптуру Кейт Мосс продадут с эротического аукциона Sotheby’s

16 February there will be an auction of art objects called “Erotica: passion and desire.” Organization this event is organized by the London branch of Sotheby’s, and his handler assigned writer and columnist Rowan Pelling, most famous for his novel “EroticReview”.

Attention upcoming auction attracted through the items which it will be exhibited.

For the right of possession to the auction, you can compete for sculptures, paintings, photography and even the furniture of the XIX-XXI century including a series of works by Pablo Picasso, photographs by Helmut Newton from the series 1992 “Domestic Nude III: In the Laundry Room at the Château Marmont Hollywood”. But most of all future bidders interested in the well-known Golden sculpture of Kate moss, a modern British artist Marc Quinn.

The sculpture is called a Maquette of Siren and represents Kate moss, frozen in a complicated yoga pose. As the author says, his creation is a modern embodiment of Venus: “the Sculpture is called “Serena”, because in a sense represents all that causes people to throw rocks and destroy themselves: money, perfection, unattainable ideals and illusions”.

Experts say that the art object is likely to go under the hammer for an amount not less than 85 thousand dollars.

Would you like to become owners of “asprawl” Kate moss?