English: Freeman spoke about the “civilized” separation from Abbington

По-английски: Фримен рассказал о «цивилизованном» расставании с Аббингтон

The start of the new season of “Sherlock” was marred by a sad for fans of the actors playing the main roles, message.

After 16 years of marriage decided to separate Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson) and Amanda Abbington (Mary Watson). The reasons for this decision were not called and comments about the separation of the parties is not allowed.

Today the situation has changed and Martin answered some questions, though without much enthusiasm.

So, Freeman admitted that he with Amand was lucky to leave without scandals and sensational trials: “Yes, we have some time together. You know me enough to understand that I’m not going to discuss this topic, but it’s all right, Yes. Honestly, we broke up in so civilized a manner as possible”.

It is worth saying that the gap of the pair does not hinder their companionship, because they are the parents of two toddlers. By the way, to admire his former love, Martin, despite the breakup, he didn’t. It just as before, appreciate the acting talent of Amanda: “I love the work Amanda. I think she’s a brilliant actress and a wonderful woman and, Yes, I love it. I will always love Amanda, but we… You know how it is. It happens. But we’re okay.”

At the time, Abbington too assured in an interview that she and Martin “will remain best friends”: “Martin and I remain best friends and love each other, and our breakup was a mutual decision. No animosity, we just decided that we can no longer live together, he moved into a flat in London, I stayed home and we started a new Chapter.”