Media reported that Mohammed Ali dying

СМИ сообщают, что Мохаммед Али при смерти According to Western sources, the athlete is hospitalized in serious condition. Friends of the boxer said that he’s not getting better, and they fear that soon his life will finish.

    СМИ сообщают, что Мохаммед Али при смерти

    Today the world was shocked about the emergency hospitalization of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali. The athlete was rushed to the hospital with severe lung problems. About men as little is known. It is reported that close to 74-year-old Boxing legends literally in despair because they realize that to get out it is unlikely. Now fans of the outstanding athlete, with bated breath, waiting for the latest news about his health and sincerely hope that everything will cost.

    After hospitalization Ali a number of Western media were quick to report that a man had to be transferred to another area hospital, but his condition did not allow doctors to take this step. American tabloid called this path “potentially lethal”. What actually is happening with the boxer, we can only guess. However, a Western source reports: children of the athlete are convinced that the end was near.

    The material is said also that Mohammed Ali, as well as in the ring, fighting for the ability to survive to the last, but the situation is complicated by the fact that for many years he suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Yet for the life of a boxer, who is in critical condition, fighting the doctors in the ICU had four of his nine children. Each of them prays for the health of his father and hopes that it’s still possible to fix.

    According to the Mirror, there are fears that even if Ali will be able to get out, then he is likely to remain in a serious condition. If you believe foreign sources, the athlete was having difficulties not only with breathing but also with the intestines, as well as sensitivity of the skin. It is assumed that the culprit progressing Parkinson’s, which Muhammad Ali is fighting for thirty years.

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