Vic Romanets lives in a big way

Виктория Романец живет на широкую ногу The former participant “Houses-2” in what does not deny. Vic Romanets accustomed to pamper yourself with shopping, and therefore does not consider it necessary to economize. The girl boasted that this year, its financial position has improved significantly.

      Виктория Романец живет на широкую ногу

      The economic crisis that has affected many Russians, forcing them to cut costs, as it turned out, has concerned not all. The former participant of the project “Dom-2” Victoria romanet admitted that I haven’t felt any slowdown, but on the contrary, its financial position has improved markedly. Besides, she’s not used to give up something, so continues to indulge himself, despite the General economic downturn.

      Money account: what is forced to save stars in the crisis

      “Saving is not about me, me, even in times of crisis continuously enrich the wardrobe. Buy several pairs of shoes – same model, but different colors, and do not get tired to buy new flavors, although I have more than 30 bottles of perfumes,” admitted Romanets.

      Also, she indulged in foreign travel. She loves to travel and is currently planning to go shopping in Milan. “I don’t save, and recently, by the way, buy my car for two and a half million. For me there is no word “no” – can’t find what that limit yourself and give up pleasures,” – said Victoria.

      Many fans will remember that not so long ago romanet became the owner of a luxury car, which she gave a generous friend. Victoria took this gift being justified before his followers that this gift is not fraught with no hint.

      Victoria romanet was justified for the gift her an expensive car

      “The young man who gave me the car, is a friend of my friend, who is a former girlfriend of one player,” said Romanets. – She introduced us a few months ago. Some time we corresponded, and without any motive, I’m not going to become the sweetheart of this man – he’s not really my type. The gift was for me huge surprise. When I discussed the situation with a friend, she explained that it was quite normal for such a wealthy man. His ex-girlfriend for example, he presented apartment in the residential complex “Moscow-city”.

      Despite the fact that Victoria used to live in Grand style, she still tries a bit to save. Help her in this different discount cards, which she gladly uses. Romanets says that her ex-boyfriend was dissatisfied with this attitude to Finance.

      “Cherkasov always said that I don’t know how to efficiently spend money, and called me a spendthrift,” admitted Romanets in an interview with “House-2”.

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