СМИ сообщили о беременности Дженнифер Энистон

The reason for news were the last pictures of 47-year-old actress in the edition of InTouch during the holidays in the Bahamas. They clearly shows that a celebrity has gained a few pounds in the waist area…

Also, the publication strengthened its version of an interesting position aniston’s words of her friend, who preferred to remain anonymous.

“Jennifer is expecting a child. And she and Justin Theroux are very happy,” said the insider. And then he added: “aniston has long wanted a child of Theroux. The news of the pregnancy came in is not the easiest time in her life – she just died mother, and the relationship with Justin gave a crack, but the pregnancy can help to restore relationships.”

However, the official representative of the star of the series “Friends” has denied the information on the replenishment in the family of aniston and Theroux.

“This is another fake, Jennifer is not pregnant”, – said the Manager of a celebrity.

The magazine InTouch does not give up and continues to insist the veracity of his article. Thus, according to the editors, interesting aniston is confirmed by the fact that she changed her place of permanent vacation, Mexico, to the Bahamas, because in Mexico have recently been documented cases of zika virus infection that is more dangerous for pregnant women.

Who is right, Manager of aniston or magazine InTouch, time will tell. Although aniston fans, this news does not surprise me. The actress attributed the pregnancy and during her marriage to brad pitt, and when she started Dating Justin Theroux. And once Jennifer got mad and quite firmly asked reporters never ask her questions about pregnancy, children and personal life. Since then, all around this theme party and invent the news about the interesting position of the star without her knowledge.

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux, recall, secretly got married in August 2015 in their home in Los Angeles.

For Justin, this was the first marriage for Jennifer – second. From 2000 to 2005 she was married to brad pitt.

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