Свадьба Нелли Ермолаевой обошлась в миллионы

A celebration of dreams as a TV presenter and her lover had to spend quite a large sum…

The marriage, which is to say the whole of Russia, the former participant “Houses-2” Nelly Yermolayeva and her lover, a businessman and aspiring actor, Kirill Andreev was four years old (that’s how much time they walked in the status of the bride and groom). So when the day came for the celebration, young decided not to save and to mark the occasion in a big way…

Wedding Nellie and Cyril was pretentious Moscow restaurant Royal Bar, the reception was on the road, among the guests were almost all stars of Russian show-business and journalists, and the bride for the evening changed a few dresses from the top designers. With such a scenario, according to “StarHit”, the couple spent 20 million rubles!

Is the media personality with the businessman wanted to avoid the wedding of the heirs of Karapetyan and Gutseriev, who discussed in a few days? Read more HERE.

A couple of days ago, we will remind, in the press discussed the choice Ermolaeva Kirill Andreev. The fact that at first everyone was convinced that the beloved teledive is a million-dollar inheritor of his father (the author of hits for “lube”, “White eagle” and “Simons”), Mikhail Andreev. Nelly was even accused of commercialism and prudence. It turned out that the father-in-law Ermolaeva lives in a modest apartment in Tomsk, and his son (i.e. her husband of Nelly) the same modest apartment in a sleeping district of Moscow.

For Nelly Ermolaeva marriage to Kirill Andreev became the second. In 2011 she married Nikita Kuzmin, whom she met on a reality show. But their Union did not last long. According to Nikita, the main cause of discord in the family was Nellie desire to build a career instead of having to deal with family.

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