In disqualification Sharapova to blame her Manager

В дисквалификации Шараповой виноват ее менеджер

Disqualification Maria Sharapova from the sport for two years came as a surprise to many. While the former first racket of the world is going to challenge this decision in court, the media seek to blame in this situation.

At the moment the culprit of the situation press calls Manager sportswomen max Eisenbud. It is known that the man simply had not checked the list of banned drugs (note that he did it regularly every year), and therefore couldn’t have known what Meldonium, who took Sharapova is included in this sheet. Your duties Max is not completed for family reasons, in particular because of the divorce with his wife, what had riveted his attention.

Now in the long vacation will be Maria. However, the athlete has already filed a court appeal against the decision on the disqualification and requires its revision, arguing that Meldonium she took inadvertently.

Of course, while Mary, having lost the source of their earnings, nevertheless, Sharapova might still be in the ad. For example, the French mineral water Evian, Nike and racket manufacturer Head cooperation with Sharapova extended.

But the automaker Porsche, the watch brand Tag Heuer and cosmetics manufacturer Avon jalut more to work with to discredit the player.

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