СМИ сообщили о ссоре Меган Маркл с отцом накануне свадьбы After a few days Prince Harry will legalize relations with the star of the series “Force majeure”. Relatives of Meghan Markle appeared in the center of public attention. According to some, the parent of the actress refused to attend the celebration.
СМИ сообщили о ссоре Меган Маркл с отцом накануне свадьбы

This Saturday will be the long-awaited wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle. The wedding ceremony young people became one of the most talked-about events in the world. Guests of Megan and Harry started to gather in London. Recently in the UK landed colleagues of the bride of the heir to the throne for the TV series “Force majeure” – Gabriel Macht wife Jacinda Barrett and children. It is expected that other stars of the TV show will also arrive for the celebration.

According to foreign media reports, the ceremony will come, not all relatives and friends a happy bride. It is alleged that the father of Megan, Thomas Markle will miss the event. The man allegedly did a photo op for journalists, for which he received a substantial fee. On hearing this, the actress is very much upset. Therefore, Thomas Markle decided to refuse the invitation, in order to avoid awkward questions.

In addition, the father of Megan doesn’t feel well. As it became known to foreign journalists, the man suffered a heart attack. The parent of the actress would be looking forward to the wedding and especially was discharged from the hospital about a week ago, to witness important events in the life of the daughter. But the scandal with the pictures affected the plans of Thomas. Representatives of Kensington Palace did not comment that received wide publicity. “This is a very personal issue for Megan Markle in these pre-wedding days,” they said.

Meanwhile, Britain is actively preparing for the wedding of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. The Network has started to sell swimwear with portraits of the bride and groom, and the media regularly emerge new details of the upcoming celebration. The journalists managed to learn that Markle will go down the aisle in a gorgeous dress Duo Tamara Rolf and Michael Russo. The cost of the dress sweetheart Harry, decorated with lace and beading, is 135 thousand pounds. Just a special day Megan will replace two garments in the first it will be at the ceremony at Windsor castle, and in the second the actress will host guests at the gala dinner.

By the way, Elizabeth II blessed the young. In March, the British Queen formally approved the marriage of a grandson. In social media Kensington Palace there was a photograph of a handwritten document in which she agrees to an upcoming wedding. After Harry and Megan legitimize the relationship, they will receive this paper as a wedding gift. The newlyweds hang their gift in a roomy 21-room apartment, where once lived the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.